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To give a voice to service members and non-custodial parents across America. To educate non-custodial parents in obtaining more acceptable visitation arrangements and pay reasonable amounts of chld-supoort. To make known and track the stories and statistics of what is really going on in todays' courts. To help combat the absentee father syndrome and track the effects that current laws are having on service members and their children. To stop punishment by the family court system of veterans and service members who have served their country. But most of all, to bring and rally service members and non-custodial parents under one banner!

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I in my time:

I have climbed mountains, traversed the darkest jungles and walked across ice a mile thick in the endless night of the arctic.  I have tasted war and tasted death, been shot at, stabbed, blown up, kicked by man and animal alike, beat down, smashed, crashed and set on fire but yet in the end I remain; beaten and on occasion broken but yet un-bowed.  I have forged myself in the fires of my own will and am well tempered by adversity.  My word “once given” is always kept.  I answer when help is asked for, no matter the cost or circumstances.  I have faced evil in its worst forms and to date have always come out the victor.  I am a rock in the storm and truly cut from that which legends are made.  My greatest accomplishment to date is I have mastered myself and in so doing have broke the bounds of my human limitations.  I am humble, soft spoken and the weaver of tales so astounding they are hardly believable, but they are all true.  I do not lie or cheat for personal gain and I do not attack from behind or with out warning.  I guess if given the choice of being famous or infamous I would choose infamy because fame is based off lies, infamy is based off truth.  I purchased my man hood in full, I consider all others to have gotten there’s by default or purchased at a shameful discount.

Infantry soldier

Airborne Paratrooper


Green Beret

College graduate

3 wars and 2 trips into the abyss

Champion Professional Fighter

A Father

Bust most of all a MAN

Program Co-Host
Warrior. Poet. Father.